Rope Jam Bruxelles

It’s time to play, practice, experiment, meet and have fun through Rope… It’s time for a rope Jam.

The Rope Jam is a space where humans meet around the practice of rope.
It is a Social event and Art Piece, it’s a place to Do.  All levels and types of practice are welcome as long as they are shared through respect, consent and consciousness.

With lighting, music, friendly people, and some discrete scenography we hope to share a good moment.

Come and play !


It’s my First time. Is that a problem ?

Nope, it’s no problem. Please come, you are welcome.
Also, we like to emphasize that you are not obliged to do anything when coming to our place (Practice, talk, etc.)

I am a total Beginner, what should I do ?

Come and say hello, speak and connect with people and see what’s happening. If you are still interested in rope and if you are interested in our approach, we give classes.

I am an introvert, full of worry…

Yep me too, us too, we know it is not easy to cross the threshold, but you won’t be the only one. So don’t worry.

It’s a sex Party, a swinger party …

Nope. Even if the community around the dojo is very sex positive and the dojo will always support this state of mind, practice in our place keeps sex and genitals out of play. It’s my choice to favor the art , the rope practice, the pure intimacy… without genitals. It’s a scenographic choice. Now, where exactly does our sexuality start? Yup, it’s a good question. 

Can I come Alone ?

Yes, of course! You can come to our space to tie, be tied, chat, or just observe, no partner necessary. Just relax, come as you are.

What about LGBTQ+ , gender … ?

The Dojo welcomes any and all people however they identify as long as they respect others’ identities. Obviously, your identity may evolve, just let us know at any time how you want to be adressed. 

Can I be bottom, a top … ?

You can be whatever you want as long as you take the needed steps to reach the needed skills. In one word, be yourself !

What happens if something wrong happens ?

Speak up. Speak before if you feel something wrong might happen, speak in the moment if you can, and speak after whenever you are ready. But whenever you choose to speak, speak it out loud, please.

What to bring ?

You and all of you. If you wish to tie, bring your own material : ropes, tissues, safety material…

What should I wear ?

Normal clothing, for practice it’s wise to have non-slippery clothing where you can freely move. Note : toplessness is welcome, bottomlessness forbidden.

What about accessibility ?

Our space is on the third floor with only stairs to access. We are really sorry about that. However, we are creative and very happy to help to help anyone access the space. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

What else should I know ?

  • There will be Tea, Herbal tea, fruit in the space, Please help yourself and be careful about our tatami.
  • It’s a Alcohol/Drug-free practice, and therefore  a Alcohol/Drug-free place even for observation.
  • Consent is essential. Our team is also part of your consent. If we don’t feel comfortable with your practice or interaction, we can stop it at any moment. You agree to these rules upon entering in the dojo.
  • Advance practice is very welcome for any trained person by a recognise teacher/presenter/senseï. The Internet is not. (If you are a self-taught genius, a few practices in our place will certainly be enough to convince us.)
  • Be polite and civil. We are not compatible with everybody but we can be polite and civil.
  • It’s non-political place. There are other places for that…..even If our opinions are quite obvious !

Last Point: Anybody who joins the “Rope Jam” and any other events is required to read and agree our Rules & Common Behavior. Please read, and reread, our rules. We are always learning and changing

Flyer from a draw by Isobel Williams

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Sep 19 2024


7:00 pm - 11:00 pm


15 €