DAVID vs. Goliath

Small/Weak and Weaponized in Play
With Swen Brandy and Saara Rei
DAVID vs. Goliath – Discover the Power Within You!

This unique 2-day workshop is designed for people who are smaller, weaker, or physically limited and who want to better lead, dominate, or even just surprise their larger and stronger partners in playful and sexual interactions. It is not about pure self-defense but a collection of effective tips, tricks, and tactics from the fields of BDSM, martial arts, body awareness, and body and mind manipulation. The goal is to create more fun, self-confidence, and dynamics for both sides in the play.
In this workshop, participants will learn how to use their strengths and their partner’s weaknesses to take more control and leadership. You’ll gain more insight into your own body and mind as well as those of your partner. Of course, sneaky tricks and manipulation are part of the procedure. Play your game and use your strengths to create advantages with skill, pleasure, and fun, and bring Goliath to his knees. With various exercises and role-playing games, we will also train scenarios that will surely push you to your limits.
The workshop is both theory- and practice-oriented, offering solo as well as couple exercises. Be prepared for demonstrations and some challenges and tasks that need to be completed under supervision.


  • Name: David vs. Goliath Workshop
  • Slogan: Small and Weaponized in Play
  • Date: 26.10.24-27.10.24 / 13:45h – 19:15h
  • Location: Brussels Dojo / Chaussée de Mons 26, 1070 Anderlecht, Belgium
  • Price: €300.00 per pair (couple and 2-day workshop)
  • Language: English
  • Questions about workshop content: swenbrandy76@gmail.com / Fetlife:
  • CarnivorePic
  • Registration: Info coming soon

Facts about the workshop:

  • The workshop can only be conducted with a partner
  • Please be physically and mentally fit
  • Bring comfortable, sporty clothing
  • Notes may be taken, but photos and videos are not permitted
  • There is generally no obligation; anyone who needs a break during exercises or performances can take one at any time
  • LGBTQIA+ friendly
  • Maximum of 8-11 pairs
  • The workshop is sex-positive
  • It is not a rope workshop 🙂
  • Bring your 2-3 favorite sex toys with you
  • You have reserved your place once payment has been successful

My Motivation for the Workshop “DAVID vs. Goliath„

As a man who sees the world from the perspective of just 1.63 meters, I know the challenges that smaller people face in everyday life and society, and what it can do to your self-esteem. From a young age, I learned to work with various means to achieve my goals. These experiences have taught me to be creative and resourceful. Today, I have the advantage of looking back on nearly 18 years of intensive interaction with people and diverse body experiences.
My extensive background in martial arts has provided me with not only physical skills but also deeper insights into personal attitude. Over the years, Body Movement, BDSM, and classic as well as extraordinary sneaky tricks have been added. This combination of physical and mental skills enables anyone to develop a natural and fun leadership style.
My motivation for leading this workshop stems from the desire to show others how they can take on leadership roles with a positive attitude and self-confidence. It’s not just about achieving goals but celebrating the joy of creating and designing. Leadership should not be marked by fear of failure or negative energies. Instead, I want to encourage participants to discover their inner strength, not only measured in muscle power but in the ability to create beautiful moments with their partner.
With “DAVID vs. Goliath,” I want to convey to participants that true dominance and leadership arise from a combination of mind and body, but also how unimportant the word “dominance” actually is. It’s about using positive forces and creating a relationship based on joy and dynamic interaction. I look forward to sharing my experiences and techniques and helping participants, whether Tops, Bottoms, or Switchers, find their own unique ways to lead and dominate their partners with my approaches.

An excerpt from the rough program contents:

  • Self-reflection of the couple on goals, strengths, and weaknesses
  • Consent
  • Body scan and body movement and games
  • Intimate space, distance zones, and the power of touch
  • Partner scanning & role-playing
  • Psychological and physical weapons
  • Manipulation (body and mind)
  • Body mechanics, body movement, body leadership
  • Sneaky tricks
  • Small demonstrations by participants and teachers
  • Swen’s Task Challenges (assignments)
  • 30-40% Theory / 60-70% Practice

Teacher: Swen Brandy (CARNIVORE)

Former competitive martial artist.
Visual artist & kink educator.

Swen Brandy is a former competitive martial artist and photo/film artist from Berlin. In his practice of play shooting, he combines BDSM, fetish, and sex-positive scenarios with photography and film, often resulting in personal challenges and intense experiences for the models. Swen teaches individuals and couples who want to actively and passively engage in sex-positive or BDSM-oriented play and document it with cameras. His core topics include the creation of body and mind challenges, impact play, rough body play, play fighting, body mechanics, as well as the design of creative play scenarios for private or professional use.

Assistant: Saara Rei

I am a workshop facilitator with a background in music, dance, education, and public speaking. My work generally centers around the exploration of suffering, both physical and emotional. Through my own kink practice, I have come to understand that suffering comes from the comparison of what has been or could be to the present moment. I enjoy teaching about how to use suffering as a path to presence and enjoyment in life. With a Ph.D. in mathematics, my academic experience adds an intellectual flair to complement my performative approach to bodywork. Playfulness and humor make up a big chunk of my personality and approach to life, giving the workshops I facilitate an explorative and light atmosphere, even while approaching some of the heaviest of topics.




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Oct 26 - 27 2024


1:45 pm - 7:15 pm